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What’s a Spreadsheet

What’s a Spreadsheet – Spreadsheet Definition

Worksheet is software application widely used in the work environment. It allows performing all kinds of mathematical operations such as arithmetic and financial calculations, as well as being able to create graphs of the results obtained. A spreadsheet consists of lines headed with numbers and columns headed with letters. The row and column intersection is called the cell. The cell is identified by a letter combination and a number eg A1, B1, etc.

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What is a Spreadsheet for?

The main function of spreadsheets is to enable large-scale statistical operations and analysis. The four basic operations are: Addition, subtraction, product and quotient. Each cell can contain values, these values ​​can be entered directly or can be the product of a calculation.
Spreadsheet Applications

Spreadsheet applications are simply referred to as spreadsheets, which are computer programs that allow you to create and manipulate electronic spreadsheets. In a spreadsheet application, each value is in a cell. Usury can define the type of data contained in each cell, as well as the relationship between cells. Relationships between cells are called formulas, and cell names are called labels.


Types of Spreadsheets

The most popular spreadsheet in the market is Microsoft Excel, but there are other types such as:

  1. Numbers
  2. Sun StarOffice Calc
  3. OpenCalc
  4. Lotus 1-2-3
  5. Corel Quattro Pro
  6. KSpread

Most spreadsheet applications are multidimensional, which means you can link spreadsheet with other spreadsheet applications. A three-dimensional worksheet, for example, is like a stack of worksheets all connected by formulas. A change made to a worksheet automatically affects other worksheets.

What’s a Spreadsheet