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Types Of Spreadsheet

Types Of Spreadsheet – In computer science, a spreadsheet is software that allows to perform different alphanumeric operations, necessary for accounting, statistics, finances or any utility that manipulates that type of data. They are used for data comparison, structuring of numerical complexes, and mathematical applications.

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The idea of spreadsheet brings with it a very large group of concepts, such as rows and columns that are combined in cells (small rectangles determined with a letter and a number, in which the data are entered), the vocabulary of The operations between cells (b2 * c6), or the names of the functions that all spreadsheets bring.

Many companies have developed different types of spreadsheet management software. Here are some examples:

-Excel: Designed by Microsoft in 1985 and renewed biannually, it allows a large number of functions of different types, and also introduced the elaboration of representative graphics. The format is that of a book, with sheets in the form of an accounting booklet full of cells. It has different types of menus integrated in a comfortable and intuitive way for the user (that make him stand out and be a pioneer in terms of aesthetics, order and organization), but the majority of those who frequent it use a very basic amount of functions . It is the most widely used spreadsheet despite being like all Microsoft Office products, it pays.

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-Lotus 1.2.3: Developed by IBM, it was the most popular program at one time because of the rapid fame it got to have almost no flaws. Somehow, it has a more practical operation, which allows for example to add more intuitively according to what is typed. It allows focusing on the details, while the different versions have been perfected making it possible to create pictures. As Lotus also markets Approach (database), the program allows to be combined with them, making calculations and statistics derived from them.

-Calc: It is integrated into the OpenOffice system, and integrates some of the best features of Lotus with Excel. It allows to open and save files with the formats of the other two, which gives a practicality that adds to the good immunity to macroviruses – also due to its lack of diffusion compared to the previous ones. He introduced the idea of ​​making groupings within the PivotTables. It allows, in contrast to Excel, to calculate dates prior to the twentieth century (the date function) although it does not support very large sheets (it has a limited number of rows and columns). It is free software, therefore free and modifiable.

-Numbers: The most recent of all, was developed by the company Apple from 2007, special to be used in the products that work with the operating system that the company sells. The strongest competition is with Excel, and the advantages appear in the exhibition of the functions (they are many but they are well explained and shown), in the design of the sheet (presents / displays 12 designs more than the competition) and in the export ( Much more compatibility with social networks, mails or PDF). It is paid, and is compatible with all Apple products.

-Kspread: The spreadsheet launched by Linux, in the framework of many free processors and open to be modified by the community that uses them. The features it integrates are not superior to the others, although it allows to import almost all the leaves of the other types.

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-Quattro Pro: Originally designed by Borland International, but later marketed by Corel, introduced the particular feature of creating maps to distinguish statistics by regions. It is used inside Windows, and the general configuration of the software brought legal problems to the company to be very similar to Lotus 1.2.3.

For more details Types Of Spreadsheet, please use some of the examples below as your guide :

Types Of Spreadsheet

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