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Monthly Bill Spreadsheet Template Free

Monthly Bill Spreadsheet Template Free Spreadsheets are not only useful for those who carry huge and complicated accounts in accounting books and the like, the truth is that they can be used to organize almost anything you can think of. From making simple to-do lists, to organizing our schedules, diets, calendars, budgets, events, airplanes, etc.

Just as we can create our sheets and documents from scratch with a goal in mind, we can also take advantage of the templates created by other users, save that step and simply start filling in the fields so the program does not help with the calculations. If you prefer to use the free Google program, instead of Microsoft Excel, many of your templates are also compatible, but also some creations especially for the Google Calculation worksheets.

Many of these templates are in English, but in many cases and is understood by the basics of the language, so the skeleton is made and you just have to fill it with your own information.

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Gantt Chart Template Google Sheets
Project Timeline. With this template you can organize a project in time. The leaf is divided into months, weeks and years. Each is linked to different phases of planning to which you can assign a duration and an owner. It is quite simple and you can extend it as much as you want.

Project Tracker. This template also serves to manage a project, but in this case it divides the same into several goals and each goal into different tasks. You can assign dates, owners, difficulty, notes and status of each.

Gantt Chart. A template that combines the management of a project with a calendar and a bar chart so that you have a visual representation of tasks and progress.


Weight Google Sheets
Health Tracker. With this template you can measure different health needs in a specific period of time. You can keep track of the exercise you do, how much you walk, how many hours you sleep, the days you have been sick, the vitamins you have ingested, the water you have taken, etc.

Weight training workout. There are several spreadsheets to help you get your body in shape. It shows you the exercises you should do during the week and helps you keep track of your progress.

Exercise routine. This template also helps you plan your exercise routine during the week, but also explains different complex routines of aerobics and weights.

Weight. This template helps you calculate your daily weight loss or gain depending on your daily calorie intake. It also shows the trend that you take every ten days.

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Blank Calendar Template Free Printable Blank Calendars By Vertex42
Calendar 2017. A simple calendar of the current year that you can edit to add the holidays of your country and that are marked in red automatically in each month.

Blank calendar. A calendar without a month name or numbers on the days of the week. You can fill it out however you prefer.

Perpetual calendar. A calendar that works with almost any year. It can be used as annual or monthly, school calendar, or calendar of events.


Travel Budget Worksheet
Travel budget. With this sheet you can calculate in detail the expenses of your next trip. You enter what you are going to spend on each thing per day and the template calculates the budget you need for the total trip.

Calculation of rental cost. With this template you can calculate and compare the rental amounts offered in the market with equal half-yearly adjustments, step-by-step semi-annual adjustments and annual adjustments.

Weekly expenses. A simple template to fill with our weekly expenses and to take a detailed control of what we enter verses what we spend.

Shared expenses. If you live with a group of friends or family and share expenses for food, services or rent payment, this template is perfect to keep track of what everyone pays and do the right calculations to avoid disputes.

Cost control. A simple template to record the cats of each month by category and subcategory. Each month shows the total expenditure, the maximum expenditure and the minimum.

Expenses with credit card. With this template you can keep track of your expenses with credit card including the percentage of interest.

Family budget planner. A template that includes an expense category for just about anything, from water, light and gas, to simply gifts or visit to the barber.

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Chore Chart Google Sheets
Homework. This is perfect to stick it on the door of the refrigerator and take a fairly organized control of what everyone should do in the house.

Cleaning schedule of the home. A fairly complete template organized for days and weeks that includes several housekeeping tasks perfect to take control without having to chase every member of the family shouting.

To do list. An extremely simple to do list template. You can add task name, notes, status, priority, set date and owner.

Check list. A simple task list with a drawer next to each item to mark as completed, plus a space for additional information.


Travel Itinerary Template
Travel itinerary. With this template you can add all kinds of important details about your trips. Confirmation numbers, flight schedules, arrival times, hotel services and vehicle rental, etc.

Conversion of units. A template that allows you to do all kinds of transformation from one unit to another in any dimension (weight, volume, surface, etc.).

Emergency contacts. A simple template to add the contact numbers of different emergency services. Just fill in the blanks.

List of luggage and travel preparation. If you’re one who always forgets something when packing, or you never know if you left the oven on just when you’re boarding the plane, this template is for you. It helps you prepare everything you have to do before your trip, and also to create a list of everything you have to carry with you.

Moving costs calculator. With how stressful and expensive it can be to move, it is important to keep a detailed check on all the money we need to spend on every thing. This template helps you do it by blending your income with the cost of the house, and all your needs.

Personal time line. With this spreadsheet you can record absolutely every aspect of your life to keep track of everything you do, including where to travel, relationships you have, your health, your studies, etc.


Finally we have sample to make Monthly Bill Spreadsheet, Please use refernce in there :

Monthly Bill Spreadsheet Template Free