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How To Use Google Spreadsheet As Database

How To Use Google Spreadsheet As Database ? – It’s been a while since Google Docs could be used as a kind of database. It would only be a fix but when we do not have a hosting that provides us with this type of service to manage information packages, we will see what serves us to do something limited but very similar.

Database – Google Docs

It is about building a spreadsheet in the foreground, in order to store items in an orderly way. Then we will publish it in RSS format and, finally, using a JavaScript code to that effect, be able to read them through JSON and thus be able to show them where and how we want.

how to use google spreadsheet as database

This can get you out of someone else who is fit and maybe be useful to put things together right now it does not even occur to us to try.

To see how this works, let’s illustrate it with the creation of a computerized spreadsheet and its authors, to show a random shape.

That already could do it putting all the sentences in an arsenal Javascript, but the advantage of having the spreadsheet as the support is that we can modify, add the erase all the aquarium you want from the sheet, the need to touch the writing.

This way of recording and retrieving data in an entry on how to create an image gallery with Google Docs, published in Vagabundos and although this is adapted for this example, the procedure is the same.

The result we will get will be something like this. There are 95 different citations and it is easy to incorporate more someone who modifies the script to write them?

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how to use google spreadsheet as database

Create spreadsheet in Google Docs

Create spreadsheet
We started by creating the datasheet by accessing Google Docs. After registering or logging in, it is easy to find the creation menu and the Calculation Sheet option.

I suppose you all know to fill one so I just think it necessary to explain that each column will be a set of homogeneous data and that it is necessary to assign a title to each one of them.

That title is the one that will serve us later in order to find and retrieve the data that we want to display by the expression gsx $ TITLE. $ T ;. To some may sound those dollar symbols and that structure and is that as we said, to read the sheet we will publish it as a feed so that you can read it later in JSON format.

Sharing spreadsheet
After writing the titles, the citations and their authors, we have to make that public sheet (in read only mode) so that later we can pull it from any other page.

Spreadsheet Titles in Google Docs
As the images of captures are reduced, if you do not see well, I remind you that they can all be expanded by clicking on them.

We click on the upper button that reads Share and in the window that opens, Change. In the next window we will have to select Public on the Web and Save. After these steps the previous window will show us an address that is the one that will give access to this sheet.

Public sharing settings on the web

Link and key

This is the one that generated this example and the important part is the one that goes after the word key, which how you can guess, is the identification of the sheet. That data we will have to use later. If you want to see the complete sheet to follow the example, this is the link.


If you do, you will see that you can only see the data but not modify it. This is because the edit access option was NOT selected. If you are ever interested in anyone being able to modify that data, that is where you have to click, but for things like the ones we are seeing, we refrain from doing so or someone may annoy you intentionally or accidentally.

how to use google spreadsheet as database

Edit access:

Allow anyone to modify items (no login required)

Publish spreadsheet in RSS format
Now let’s publish this sheet as a feed. This option is in File ► Publish to the Web. In the next window – below reproduced – we have to click in Start the publication. At that time the bottom is enabled and you have to select from the various options the RSS. A new link is generated, this one with access to the feed.
RSS link spreadsheet Google Docs.

How To Use Google Spreadsheet As Database