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How To Create a Spreadsheet in Excel 2010

How To Create a Spreadsheet in Excel 2010 – Then save a trip through the Excel 2010 workspace interface so that you learn basic concepts before taking the next step. Locate the numbers and read their description at the bottom.

how to create a spreadsheet template in excel 2010

Characteristics of the Excel 2010 interface

1. Columns:

It is the group of pictures that go from the top of the page down. They are identified by letters.

2. Rows:

It is the frame group that go from the left side of the page to the right. They are identified by numbers.

3. Cell:

A cell is the rectangle in which a row and a column are joined.

4. Cell Name:

This box indicates the name of the cell you are working on.

5. Formula Bar:

Here you can write or edit the data contained in a specific cell.

6. Spreadsheets:

Excel files are called books. Each book has one or more sheets (also known as spreadsheets).

7. Horizontal Scroll Bar:

If you have more spreadsheets than you can see on the screen at a time, click on the horizontal scroll bar, hold it down and drag it from left to right to scroll through all existing worksheets.

8. Display Modes:

There are three ways to view a spreadsheet, from left to right are:
Normal view: Select by default. Displays an unlimited number of cells and columns. It is the mode of visualization that you see in the image.

how to create a master spreadsheet in excel 2010

Page layout view: Divide the spreadsheet into the number of pages it contains.
Page break view: Allows you to view a summary of the spreadsheet. This is useful when you are adding page breaks.

How To Create a Spreadsheet in Excel 2010