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How To Create a Budget Spreadsheet

How To Create a Budget Spreadsheet  – Whether you’re trying to control expenditures per employee over time, calculate the amount of funds available for a year-end corporate party or the only place to keep track of the entire company budget and spending, Microsoft Excel You can manage your calculations. Excel, part of the Microsoft Office suite, is fully customizable spreadsheet software for your budget needs. With a few clicks in Excel, you are able to create a budget spreadsheet and start track spending.

ow to create a budget spreadsheet

1 Open Excel, which automatically creates a new blank worksheet. Click the first cell in the first row, A1. Enter the name of the company or the name of the organization preparing the budget, such as “Janofsky Carving Company.” Text can be extended to other cells.

2 Leave the next two rows, 2 and 3, blank. Click on the row and the cell below it, A4. Write the categories you want to track, stories such as “Human Resources”, “quality control”, “IT” and “sales” to the names of people. After typing each category, press the “Enter” key to drop into the cell below it. Add all category names.

3 Click cell B3 and write the first goal of a follow-up, such as “January”, if the budget will be a monthly / yearly list of funds spent each month. Press the “Tab” key to switch to the next cell, C3 and enter the next target, stories like “February”. Another option is to use client or project names to track the number of hours spent in those areas. Keep pressing “Tab” and entering new targets, until complete.

4 Highlight all objective cells in the row. Click and select “Format Cells.” Click the “Font” image, click “Size” and click “Bold” in “Font Style”. Click on the “fill” tab and click on a small color box, the stories as a color that goes with the company outline, and click “OK.” This makes the goals stand out from which actual numbers can be written in.

5 Repeat the highlight for all targets in column A and make the same changes in the “Format Cells” window so there are two vertical and horizontal rows shaded. Repeat the row format with the company name.

6 Click the “File” tab at the top of the screen. Click “Save As” and enter a number for the budget worksheet, which forms the template. Each time information is to open the sheet, open, enter the data in a cell and re-save with a new number or version number, such as “BudgetJanuary.”

How To Create a Budget Spreadsheet