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Google Spreadsheet

Google Spreadsheet Google Docs is a web application that also allow us to create and share spreadsheets online without having to install the program on our computer.

Other tabs in the TIC Catalog address their use to create text documents, presentations, drawings, diagrams and forms for creating surveys.

Students learn how to create spreadsheets to which they can add formulas, links, images, drawings, graphics and gadgets to display data in a variety of ways, including the possibility of doing so in Google Maps.

We created an account in Gmail that we have an email manager and have access to Google Docs (see Gmail Tutorial).

google spreadsheet

We access Google Docs and identify ourselves (see Google Docs Overview)
On the desktop we select Create Worksheet from the various options that are seen in the menu and follow the instructions in the tutorial. Spreadsheets with Google Docs appear in the upper right of this page.

Google Spreadsheet