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Free Church Tithe And Offering Spreadsheet

Free Church Tithe And Offering Spreadsheet – Our Heavenly Mother asks, in play to the mothers of families, to offer, for love, her life to the intentions of her Immaculate Heart, to be able to go more and more saving families from falling into hell.
In the heart of many mothers grounding the pain, their hearts are oppressed by the spiritual state of their children, by their immoral behavior, by the destiny of their lives beyond death. Towards them, moved with compassion, Reach with my prayers the five promises. May they be comforted, offer that with a total surrender all the events of their life! ”
The tail fin, proposes the Offering of Life, which must be done and with seriousness of seriousness, offering it the greatest Glory and good of the Holy Church, giving us very great promises.

free church tithe and offering spreadsheet


1 – No one of their relatives in hell will fall, even when external appearances assume daily, because the soul before the left body, will receive the grace of perfect repentance.
2 – On the same day of offer, all the deceased of his family will leave the Purgatory.
3. In death I will be at his side, and I will take their souls to the presence of God, without market by Purgatory.
4- Their names will be inscribed in the Heart of Jesus and in the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

They will save souls from eternal damnation for this offering, united to the merits of Christ. The merit of their victims gave the treatment of souls to the end of the world.

My beloved Jesus:

In the presence of the people of the Holy Trinity, in front of Our Mother of Heaven and the whole Celestial Court, I offer, according to the intentions of your Eucharistic Heart and those of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, my whole life, all my holy Masses, Good works, sacrifice and suffering, uniting them to the merits of your Most Holy Blood and your death on the Cross:
The Adoration of the Glorious Holy Trinity,
The redress for our offenses,
By the union of our Holy Mother Church,
By our priests,
Because of the good priestly vocations,
And for all the souls until the end of the world
Receive, my Jesus, my offer of life and grant me grace to persevere in it to the end of my life. Free Church Tithe And Offering Spreadsheet.

Free Church Tithe And Offering Spreadsheet