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Farm Accounting Spreadsheet Free

Farm Accounting Spreadsheet Free Farm Accounting Spreadsheet

It is the Economic Situation of the Community, that is, it is responsible for determining, measuring and quantifying the economic data of the community, in order to serve for decision making and control.

It is divided into Tables, Daily, Charges, Reports and Processes.

farm accounting spreadsheet free

Business maintenance

It is the one associated with each community, it defines the exercise started as well as the accounting grades.

Chart of accounts

Initially a standard template and a template will be loaded. From this option you can view the balances as well as access the largest of the accounts.

Each community’s general account plan will be defined, and each account will have its expense type code.

The Chart of Accounts listing can print and print a report mode.

farm accounting spreadsheet free

Seat accounting

It considers the types of seats used in this sector, the expenses and the income, that are counted the manuals of the seats, as well as the seats that are related to the properties.

Collection management

  1. Matting of collection effects.
  2. Receipt printing.
  3. Status report of collection effects.
  4. Bank remittance management.
  5. Accounting Closing Processes

As in the accounting of any company the Farm Manager can make the Closing Accountant at any time. It is not necessary for a period of 12 months to be closed.

Including the possibility to return to the previous exercise to make important changes if necessary.

Farm Accounting Spreadsheet Free