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Excel Spreadsheet is a type of document, which allows manipulating numerical data and alphanumeric data arranged in the form of tables composed of cells (which are usually organized in a two-dimensional matrix of rows and columns).

He is the Basic Information Unit Cell in the spreadsheet, where the Values and Calculations Formulas are inserted. It is usually possible to perform complex calculations with formulas and / or last will and draw different types of graphs.

excel spreadsheet

List Excel Spreadsheet Data :
1 Spreadsheet Sources
2 Cells
3 Basic arithmetic operations in spreadsheets
4 The four basic operations in templates: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
5 Operation grouping symbols
6 Order of priority of operations
7 Notions of constants and variables
8 Constant operations
9 Operations with variables. Advantage
10 References
11 Absolute references
12 Data ordering
13 Spreadsheets in the Market
14 See also
15 References

Excel Spreadsheet