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Excel Spreadsheet For Monthly Expenses

Excel Spreadsheet For Monthly Expenses – If you are reading these lines, I am sure you are interested in reducing your expenses and being able to save. It seems a very wise decision that besides allowing you to keep track of what you spend, a long term, can give you financial stability that provides you with a better quality of life. This entry is for me very special for two reasons;

The action of calculating fixed expenses and becoming aware of them, seems to me the main pillar for a person concerned about saving and for optimizing economic resources. After this calculation can be applied tricks, discounts, whatever is within our reach to reduce the import of these but take control is the first step of everything and that is what I am going to teach you today.
The other reason, well, this is one of my first entries in my blog of savings. Hence I chose to talk about the first step in this learning of saving, sharing everything that helps me in my day one day to save money.
Since I always became independent, I followed this way of managing the domestic economy and I did not go wrong.

I sincerely believe that in addition to having lived in a family where everything was taken advantage of and not spent more than necessary, it helped me a lot the work in the area of ​​administration of the company where it was spent more than what was earned. Both of these things influenced my approach to managing my finances at the moment when I was to take control of my economy. So everything is for something and everything is learned :-).

excel spreadsheet for monthly business expenses

What is the control of our monthly fixed expenses?

It is about making a list of all the monthly fixed expenses we have. Everything that is essential. It will depend on each case, but some examples are: mortgage, light, telephone fee, food, gasoline …

For the case of home insurance, contributions. All that is annual invoices or other periodicity no monthly, reports the proportional part for all amounts correspond to the amount that we must provide monthly for each of the concepts.

Then, it’s as easy as adding up all the monthly amounts to know how much our fixed expenses go up.

I get my hands on my head when, every year, in October I hear a friend of lamentation because that month comes the charge of the insurance of the car and the child almost 400 € !! Two months before a trip of 10 days without any price and … how can you not have planned that in October ALWAYS comes that charge? Was it an unforeseen event?

Insurance is an example of those payments that are not usually monthly but for which we have to go to a part each time the time comes to pay them. There is something that is not foreseen

However, there is nothing to do to spend the rest of the year (except situations of extreme lack of employment and economic resources, of course) if not that is a way to save each month for those expenses that you know will come. If after saving that amount, you have money left, Fantastic! Below, we’ll see what I can do with it.

The amount that results to me for fixed expenses, I usually enter it into an ING account where I do not charge any commission. Personally, I use the payroll account because it also gives me a card without commissions and gives me back 3% of what I spend on fuel (see benefits). There will be loading all the corresponding receipts automatically. If after covering this amount with my income, I have money left over, I divide it as follows

– 25% for extras: clothing, leisure, gifts, travel …

– 25% for contingencies: an account where you keep this amount in case any appliance is damaged, etc … if after the time you see that you have been keeping and you think that you will not need everything, you can always get hand in there for some Another urgency or take a little trip.

– 50% to save: it is to save it in another savings account. When I accumulate a certain amount, I put it in a deposit at 3.6 or 12 months and it gives me profitability. It would be money that we would forget for a while, knowing that we can recover it when we need it while giving us interest.

What I do and it comes in handy is to automate all movements. Thus, as soon as I receive my income, periodic transfers are automatically made to the remaining orange accounts and I do not have to worry about anything. Online banks have that great advantage, that you can give as many transfer orders as you want without being charged commission and helping you save time and headaches. Another bank that does not charge anything is Coinc. I do not have an account there but I have read good opinions.

We already know that every home is a world but it is a way to control all expenses and not suffer when the annual house insurance arrives or you have to pay the contributions, etc …

how to make an excel spreadsheet for monthly bills

I hope this simple technique helps you. I have worked great. You have more or less income, more or less expenses or more or less possibilities of saving, no one takes away from these fixed expenses that you must cover and the best way to take control is knowing how much they rise.
Of course, the next step is to cut as much as possible each of them with discount codes and promotions or with coupons, for example. I advise that every 3-6 months you return to see how are the changes you have applied for the amounts to go down. I assure you that it feels great when you realize that for less than what you paid months ago you are having the same services or more and it allows you to save yourself a peak !.

You can share your ways to manage with everyone leaving your comment below and if you liked this post, I thank you infinite share it with everyone.

In this video it is very well illustrated of what it is all this. I encourage you to see him

Any of the methods of saving that we have shared in Savers along with this exclusive agenda to control your economy, form the perfect tandem to achieve your goals and have a controlled home economy without any hiccups, but with savings at the end of each month .

Excel Spreadsheet For Monthly Expenses