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Excel Spreadsheet For Mac Free Download

Excel Spreadsheet For Mac Free Download

The numbers have the formula to create spectacular spreadsheets with images, tables and graphs that give fantastic results. And now with the benefits of real-time collaboration, your team and you can work at the same time using a Mac, an iPad, an iPhone and even a PC with an iWork for iCloud.

Excel Spreadsheet For Mac Free Download

Work with your entire team.

Wherever you are
Creating group spreadsheets with numbers is as easy as knowing the one table. And now the distances are reduced to zero: you can work at the same time and with the same benefits even if they separate miles of kilometers.

Follow the changes live.
Now you can see the changes your colleagues are making, for example if they edit a cell or add a table. And they yours. Do you want to see someone else’s cursor? Select your name from the list of contributors.

Look who you’re working with.
When you are editing a spreadsheet, there is a list of people who are connected.

No matter what devices you use,

Excel Spreadsheet For Mac Free Download

You can continue to collaborate.
If you do not always work in the same place or with the same device, why would Numbers do it? The spreadsheets you create on your Mac or iPad look the same on an iPhone or in a web browser. And backwards.

PC users have joined the group.
With iWork for iCloud, your entire team can work on spreadsheets from any web browser on a Mac or PC. Just enter iCloud.com, open Numbers and get down to work.

Leaves of ten starting from scratch.
Numbers always starts with a blank sheet instead of an endless grid, so you’re free to organize your data your way. Select the fonts and choose a style for the borders of the cells. Then add tables, adjust their size, or apply styles. And move everything as you want, order does not alter the product. In addition, when working in a group, all your colleagues have access to the same benefits.

1. Start with the template that you like.
Enter your numbers in one of the predesigned templates and you’ll see how well they paint.

2. Data that speak for themselves.
Illustrate the figures with tables and animated graphs so that everything is understood at the first.

3. With Numbers, the accounts come out.
Numbers tools do all kinds of mathematics. With a few simple clicks you will perform complex calculations, filter data and have the final result very clear.

It is understood with Microsoft Excel.
Does any partner use Microsoft Excel? Collaborating is not an impossible equation: you can save Numbers spreadsheets in Excel format, and even import and edit documents from Numbers directly into Numbers. As it is compatible with the most usual Excel features, you will work on the same project without problem even if you use different applications.

Excel Spreadsheet For Mac Free Download