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Double Entry Accounting Spreadsheet

Double Entry Accounting Spreadsheet When we want to collect a simple and quick way to visualize certain information, the quickest way to do this is to create a double-entry table that can later be converted to query databases quickly. But on many occasions due to lack of knowledge, means, purpose of time, it is not possible to devote sufficient time to create databases with the data that they want to structure so that they can consult quickly according to our needs.

double entry accounting spreadsheet

In these cases the best option is to use double-entry tables, a method that allows us to obtain quick information through a perfectly organized grid. The data can order in more of the columns, according to our needs, where the categories are found while in the vertical axis is the descriptive information.

1 What are dual entry tables?
2 What is a double entry table used for?
3 Usage examples
3.1 Example 1
3.2 Example 2
3.3 Example 3
4 Applications for creating double-entry tables
4.1 Text Processor
4.2 Spreadsheets

What are dual entry tables?
A double entry table, also called contingencies, are data tables that refer to variables. In the header of the tabs the categories of variable of values ​​are established while in the main column the other variables are added. At the confluence between the first row and the first column are the data corresponding to both variables.

What is a double entry table used for?
A double-entry table gives us statistical information on two events related to each other to contrast the different values ​​we get. They are called double entry tables or tables because they organize the topics in two directions where we must take the gaze to know what it is, what to make that value represent. The double-entry tables in our computers information in horizontal and vertical columns are concentrated in one place and the information is obtained from a reading.

The first thing that we must consider are the axes that are crossed in the table and the attached data the obtained data obtain indicate the heading of the column where it is. The first thing to do before making a double entry box is:

Read carefully the text that does not offer the data to make the picture.
Determine the categories that intersect in each of the axes.
Finally I have to enter the data that cross between the axes with the data extracted from the reading.

double entry accounting spreadsheet

Examples of use
Here are several examples where we show you the possible uses of this type of double entry table. These examples show how we can use the information we read and from which we want to extract data for quick reference at a glance, without having to re-read it without any doubt.

The applications for creating spreadsheets are ideal for creating tables or tables of double entry, since its interface does not offer us a blank sheet where we must start to write as we do in word processors, but just open the Application are the tables that we must fill in to make our double entry table.

As with word processors, the main applications for creating spreadsheets are found within the different office suites of Microsoft and Apple. Inside the Microsoft suite we find Microsoft Excel and within the Apple suite, we can make use of Numbers. We can also use the OpenOffice suite which, as I mentioned above, has all the necessary applications to create any type of document.

Double Entry Accounting Spreadsheet