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Create Invoices From Excel Spreadsheet

Create Invoices From Excel Spreadsheet – How to make invoices with Excel, Do you have your company and want to do things using Microsoft Excel templates instead of a billing program? In that case you can create your invoices by following a few small steps.

Create Invoices From Excel Spreadsheet

Using a template you can make invoices with Excel

As a freelancer you have to make invoices and you need to do it quickly and easily; For more bills, more income.

For this, the first thing to do is to download an invoice template for Excel from our billing program in the event that you do not have it. Usually the package The office includes a series of files for templates of all document type.

If you already have a template, you will need to create a new workbook to make invoices with Excel. In doing so Excel has to give access to the catalog of templates with which it counts. In this case, select Invoices and choose the one that best fits your needs.

When you have selected it you will have an invoice model with some data as an example. All you have to do is change these according to yours and your client’s.

An example of how to make invoices with Excel

Make invoices in Excel from a blank book

Another option is manual fashion billing. It is not recommended since you have to set the fields of your invoice one by one.

First of all you should choose the size you are going to work with, although it is usually A4. Once done the following is a header with the invoice title.

Create Invoices From Excel Spreadsheet

To make invoices in Excel organizes and fills in the mandatory fields that your invoice must have:

Date of invoice

  1. Invoice number: It must always be correlative, that is, there can be no breaks in the invoice numbers.
  2. Your data as issuer: Name and surname or business name of your company, NIF and tax address.
  3. Data of the receiver or client: Name and surname or business name of the client’s company, NIF and tax address.
  4. Description of the products with their price and VAT percentage applied to them.
  5. Total invoice, including net total, VAT amount and gross total.

This system is more work than if you used templates and much more than if you worked with an invoice creation program.

Create Invoices From Excel Spreadsheet

Disadvantages to make invoices in Excel versus a billing program

Although at first glance it may seem, Excel is not just a set of cells to fill. It works with a system of formulas that you should know before you start using it.

It requires prior knowledge if you want the creation of invoices to be as automated as possible.
Billing programs are often more intuitive
They only require completing fields as client or product from a list already created.
Templates have limited designs.
It is difficult to add aesthetic elements such as the logo or a personalized note to the customer.
Less freedom in design and customization than with billing software.
Invoice programs are often up-to-date on current legislation,
When working with spreadsheets, you are responsible for being aware of the changes in the Law when issuing your invoices.
If you automate invoice numbering in Excel, it will be very difficult to change the number of invoices in case you need it.
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Create Invoices From Excel Spreadsheet