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Bill Spreadsheet App

Bill Spreadsheet App – Excel templates for invoices allow us to sort in spreadsheets all the sales data of a company and serves to justify operations at the fiscal level. In addition, invoices in Excel allow us to modify them without losing the parameters thanks to the functions of Excel available, but we can also download free templates.

bill spreadsheet app

Bill Spreadsheet App, How to make invoices in Excel

Templates in Excel to make the novelties establish a standard invoice format for all company operations. That does not mean that the invoice model in Excel is always the same, and that the Excel program allows us to make different invoice designs to download, print or send. However there are a number of elements that can not be missing in any of the free Excel templates to prepare invoices:

Information of your company and CIF.
Complete customer information.
Unique and correlative invoice number.
Date of invoice, payment terms and expiration date.
Totals and VAT percentages.
Invoice templates in Excel to download

Examples of invoice in Excel the first that is in the ordinary invoice, a basic when it comes to trading operations. That’s why we wanted to share the following template to download for free with an invoice format and Excel spreadsheets.

You can also make your own invoices with editable templates to fill and download. Just enter the data you want and you will have the list to print and sign.

Bill Spreadsheet App