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Auto Maintenance Schedule Spreadsheet

Auto Maintenance Schedule Spreadsheet Excel is an application program developed by the company Microsoft in 1987. The characteristic of this product is that it is composed of rows and columns, with the intersection of the cells, where information is entered, which can be exploited and manipulated by the own Standing out.

car maintenance schedule spreadsheet

Excel is considered as one of the most powerful calculation book today.

It also has printing facilities and the ability to preview the print on screen. You can print vertically and horizontally. Handles headers and footers, titles, margins, automatic page numbering, automatic insertion of date and time, single or continuous sheets.

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Although Excel is a tool created to use with mouse, it is possible to handle it with keyboard, and even much faster to do so.

Excel is a calculation book that adopts the concept GUI (graphical user interface), that is to say it contains a graphical user interface that takes advantage of the resolution of the monitors VGA or Super VGA. GUI facilitates interaction with a computer help:

  1. See more apps on the screen at the same time. Ü Manipulate information directly, moving or resizing objects.
  2. Share data between applications, for example, move database information directly to a workbook.
  3. Standardizing the use of function keys eg F1 used for help, F10 for menu bar, F4 for balance, etc.
  4. Beginners find it easier to learn a tool using GUI than a character-based interface.

Auto Maintenance Schedule Spreadsheet

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